Beat hustlers lyrics

Hustlers Lyrics

Livin' Like Hustlers Lyrics: (*Birds chirping*) / (*Someone's snoring*) / (*Sample of Alarm Clock's Ringing*) We got the dope beats from the homeboy Dre.

Livin' Like Hustlers Lyrics

Hustlers Lyrics: Dre, he a Compton-Compton OG / Nas, he a QB-QB true G / Do the history / Way before The Firm, like back in the day / Nas was the first New.

Description:Ooohh Lord, living like a hustler Ooohh Lord, living like a hustler [Cold Um] Let me proceed, cause I got the green light For the numero uno 87, it must be hype For now, let me lay the cards on the table So you can figure out who's worried or stable I max and tax and relax and stack Gs Stick that to the facts, that's why I crack them with ease Please, get off the convoy, I think you're confused When you cross, I told you you'd get tossed, and you lose Now, A-B-O-V-E L-A-W, to some people Yo, that spells trouble But we're not a group promoting violence But when it comes to speaking the real, I won't be silent Speak all reality when I'm on the Mic So you don't have to run and have a stereotype See, see cause stereotypes will make you dumb So kick back and listen, yo, to the knowledge that's grump [KM. G] See, the law has provided me, the KM. G That's complex with the style but done easily Pitch a bitch if I have to, you know why? I'm undercover doing dirt, I'm a hell of a spy Now numero is a detonator, deadly than a hand grenade Much harder than a fool to fade Not a Forty, not a Quart or a Six-pack Me, K.

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